Winner of the 2014 Austin Critics' Table W.H. Deacon Crain Award and Nominee for the 2014 & 2015 Austin Critics' Table, Broadway World Austin, and Central Texas Excellence in Theatre Awards for 'Best Leading Actress in a Musical', Brittany Allyson is a captivating, multidimensional performer who keeps you on your toes with her sassy, sexy and smart original music, lyrics and vocal stylings. Hailing from humid Houston, Texas, she studied Acting and Musical Theatre Performance at St. Edward's University in Austin, Texas. As an actress, she's been featured in various Equity productions, National Commercials and in several New Broadway Musical Workshops with Texas Musical Theatre Workshop (Founded by THE PROM Broadway Producer Natasha Davison). 


Like many aspiring artists, Britt relocated to New York City. Unfortunately, her then long-distance relationship took a turn for the worst. She put her dreams and career on hold and returned to Texas. Shortly there after, their relationship ended, and Britt was left distraught, exhausted and totally broke.


With the help of gracious friends, a series of couch-hopping adventures, and a guitar, Britt started to find herself again through songwriting. She eventually made her way to the Pacific Northwest to co-find Filament: A Collab Lab, a site-specific lab theatre company based in Seattle, while simultaneously playing live music at local venues, jazz clubs, and busking at Seattle's iconic Pikes Place Market.

In October 2017, Britt began fusing her worlds of songwriting and theatre by creating, directing, and starring in a Filament produced "pop up" dance-theatre concert of her debut EP, entitled: HERe* [hidden in the mask]. After touring the production at a handful of Seattle music venues, HERe* was featured at Seattle's 2018 Microfest Music Festival and Bumbershoot Music Festival. 


Currently, Britt appears in music venues as either a solo act or leading a varied ensemble of dynamic jazz musicians. Britt says her music comes to her along her personal (and never-ending) journey of self-empowerment. She hopes the messages she shares will serve others while celebrating the joy of music.

*Want to see HERe* [hidden in the mask] produced in your hometown? Contact Britt directly.

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