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Sweeney Todd as Anthony | Reboot Theatre, Seattle - 2019


"The casting choices mainly gave excellent actors like Brittany Allyson (Anthony) a crack at killer roles that would normally be denied them."


-The Stranger - Joule Zelman

"Brittany Allyson brings a welcome depth to the wholesome sailor Anthony (there’s a tendency for this character to come off as too one-dimensional)."


-Northwest Music Scene - Gillian G. Gaar

2018-2019 Gregory Awards Nominator Comments:
"Britt brought a sweet, playful energy to the part of Anthony, which lit up the whole stage. Britt has the singing chops to nail this role, and the acting chops to endear the character of Anthony to us all. Brava!"


"Beautiful voice from Britt Allyson gave the score a new richness."

"Allyson made Anthony a more interesting character than how he is written. They were also successful in playing the chemistry between Anthony and Johanna to make it much more compelling and believable."


"First time I've ever found this character (Anthony) tolerable, let alone likable."

Ring Of Fire as June Carter Cash | TexARTS, Austin - 2015

Award Nominee

Broadway World Austin Awards for Best Leading Actress in a Musical

Award Nominee

Central Texas Excellence in Theatre Awards for Best Actress in a Musical

"Brittany Allyson is outstanding as June Carter Cash, with some really great moments musically, particularly in 'Flush From The Bathroom Of Your Heart.'" - Frank Benge


"The female cast members are truly outstanding, though, with Brittany Allyson portraying a vivacious June Carter Cash in 'Jackson.'"


-Austin Chronicle - Elissa Russell

Merrily We Roll Along as Mary Flynn | Mary Moody Northen Theatre, Austin - 2014

Award Recipient
Austin Critics Table W.H. "Deacon" Crain Award


Award Nominee

Austin Critics Table for Acting In A Supporting Role

Award Nominee

Central Texas Excellence In Theatre for Best Actress In A Musical

"Of particular note is Brittany Allyson as Mary Flynn, the alcoholic theatre critic and erstwhile novelist. She delivers Mary's wisecracks with gusto, while fully capturing the character's emotional depth."


-Austin Chronicle - Russell M. Dembin


"Brittany Allyson as Mary Flynn, the third friend, the one who is in love with the lead, Frank, couldn’t be more perfect for the part even if she tried.  You feel sadness for her yearning and yet the sass in which she delivers her jokes is priceless."


-Austin Entertainment Weekly - Laura Jordan


"Brittany Allyson more than holds her own... She also has to contend with one of the most complex of Sondheim's leading ladies. When we meet Mary, she's an out of control alcoholic. Though armed with many a hysterical quip, she's a bit of a nuisance. However, younger Mary is a devoted, caring, innocent friend. Allyson brings life to both sides of the character and makes it easy to understand how and why Mary devolves into a bitter and broken alcoholic. Trying to keep the friendship between Frank and Charley alive would drive anyone to drink, and Mary's unrequited love for Frank only adds fuel to the fire." - Jeff Davis


"Once Brittany Allyson's Mary Flynn went full Joanne on her "old friend," drunkenly lacerating him for his abandonment of his ideals, it was clear the show would be haunted by the ghosts of Sondheim and Furth Past as much as Shepard was by his own."


-Questia - Robert Farris

Brittany Allyson's Acting Resume available upon request.

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